21 October 2010

Dolce&Gabbana, spring - summer collection 2011

       Dolce&Gabbanna  lanseaza noile colectii pentru primavara - vara 2011.
Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana raman fideli sentimentului lor siciliana, dar de data aceasta pe ritmurile lui Muse, acesti designeri italieni renumiti au adus o mulţime de articole de îmbracaminte impresionante predominant alb-negruş; rochii albe pentru zilele de vara radiante, în timp ce tonurile mai inchise dau  nota de eleganta ce care ai nevoie pentru ţinuta de seară. Regasim broderia englezeasca, la fel precum  si broderiile rafinate au fost un element cheie în  rochiile sexy, baby doll-uri, halate, salopete cu saten, lâna şi dantelă.

Iata cum prezinta ei colectia:

The tailoring tradition of the collection is developed with the usage of bed linens, bedspreads, towels and tablecloths.
Chiffon and stretch chiffon, brocade, charming stretch, jersey lace, macramé, extra light linen and linen organza, silk, poplin, muslin and crochet.
Sandals with wooden heels and soles ornate with raffia and macramé flowers, diamonds and chains.
Miss Sicily bags.
Predominance of white dresses with a touch of black and influx of leopard print and flowers.
The need and desire to slow down from the hectic rhythm of life thus taking back one’s own time.
The whole collection turns around the concepts of a more relaxed and sensual kind of elegance and tradition, that characterize the typical trousseau of Southern Italy.




Colectia feminina:

Colectia masculina:

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