30 March 2011

101 ways to annoy your co-workers...

I was reading a new blog and i found an interesting and funny article about "101 ways to annoy your co-workers...". The blogger name is Samantha Fox from Johannesburg, South Africa, she is just starting her blog but i can see that her posts are interesting and creative. 
So i am going to post 25 of 101 ways and the rest you can read on her blog here.

  • Leave a stack of old applications and a note saying, “Install these”
  • Staple your reports in the wrong corner
  • Put tape over the mouse optics
  • Unplug a co-worker’s monitor
  • Talk to sick employees while wearing a dust mask
  • Turn your earphones up all the way
  • Burn popcorn in the microwave
  • “Forget” to put your tuna sandwich in the fridge
  • Turn up the beep volume of the copier
  • Empty the paper out of the main printer/copier
  • Empty the ink or toner out of the main printer/copier
  • Practice beat boxing
  • Sing show tunes
  • Hang up the phone before they say, “good bye”
  • Slurp hot coffee during meetings
  • Walk around the office barefooted
  • Empty out a co-workers office on a Friday afternoon
  • Misplace peoples pens
  • Insert a 3.5″ disk before they turn on their computer
  • Glue their mouse to the desk
  • Leave an open can of tuna in their desk
  • Make a screenshot of their desktop and use it as their screensaver
  • Turn up the contrast on their monitor
  • Talk in a funny accent
  • Use goofy event sounds for your programs


  1. hahahaha am sa ii arat postul asta lui rzk al meu :)) tot timpul se ocupa de poante pe la servici :D
    o sa fie un deliciu pt el sa citeasca si alte idei de a-si enerva colegii

  2. si mie mi-a placut, am sa si incerc cateva dintre ele pe colegele mele :)))))))